Training Simulations

What is LocoSim®?

LocoSim® is RSI’s flagship simulator product, a multi-functional training platform for locomotive engineers and running trade employees.  Its rich graphical interface and realistic physics model create a level of immersion and realism which keeps the user’s attention and improves their ability to learn their trade.


Why use it?

It is a cost effective, extensible simulator platform which uses actual control hardware, which can be customized to meet customer needs.  It uses detailed models of train and track dynamics to provide a realistic training environment and operating scenarios to gauge employee response.

It is not just a locomotive simulator, but a multi-functional platform used to train for different tasks.  Locomotive engineers can use it for operational testing, train handling and territory familiarization.  Equally, other members of the train crew can work with the engineer to perform switching moves, improve territory familiarization, communications, and situational awareness.

Flexible Deployment Options

It can be deployed in a number of ways, including a permanent deployment with full-size control hardware, a portable full-size simulator set up in a trailer, or a lightweight solution running on a laptop.  Furthermore, RSI offers flexible payment options to make procurement possible for all organizations, large and small.

Retrofitting Simulators

Do you have an existing simulator which requires upgrading?  RSI can retrofit your current simulator equipment with up-to-date hardware and software; and do so at a very competitive price.   If you would like more information, please contact us.  We will work with you to meet your requirements! 
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LocoSim® Features
  • Territory specific familiarization, including actual geography, physical characteristics, time table specifications, special instructions, signal recognition and compliance, time table speeds, and track restrictions.

  • Includes all grades, curvature, signal placement/ identification, mile posts, stations, controlled locations, railway crossings at grade and other clearly identifiable locations

  • OCS/TWC (dark territory) identifiable locations, and ABS/CTC (signaled territory) operations

  • Weather variables, including day and night operations in rain, snow, and fog

  • Actual locomotive performance characteristics

  • Freight train scenarios, including empty/loads, long/short, and mixed, bulk unit, and intermodal

  • Passenger train scenarios, including station stops, timetable adherence, and on-time train handling methods

  • Train handling and braking, including positive correction methods and parameters for safe train operations

  • An excellent tool for training engineers/operators:  territory familiarization, control stand familiarization, time/distance judgment, and highway/rail crossing familiarization

  • Real life situations to build confidence in critical incident train handling methods and procedures; before and after incident

  • Can simulate any territory as per customer requirements

  • Simulates territory specific special instruction and operating procedures.

  • Simulates safety critical events and engineer compliance.

  • Capable of multi-user environment via local network, permitting in-line training of locomotive engineers and conductors

  • Replicated Computerized Locomotive Operator Screens – Tailored to customer requirements

  • Earlier generation simulators from other manufacturers can be retrofitted to run LocoSim®